Dangers of rewriting history

We can all agree that these women and many more have had a hand in shaping history and technology as we know it, but we cannot change how history has been written. What we can do is change how history will be written down in the future or even today. 

Having this in mind, let us ask ourselves: 

What would happen if we repeated the same mistake of not acknowledging or forgetting groups of people who have contributed to society?

Do you still see some of the issues that were discussed in class in today’s society?

What would be the consequences of repeating our mistake?

What would happen if we rewrite history?

In the podcast we hear about indigenous people and the queer community, do you know any other groups of people that have not been recognized for their efforts?

Having all you have learned in this course in mind, what do you think ‘herstory’ means?

Accountable: Being responsible for your actions or decisions

Glorifying: Overly admiring or praising someone/something usually without reason Reframe: to express or present differently

Reframe: To express or present differently

Context and time dependent: When something is dependent on time and/or circumstances such as place or surroundings.

Indigenous: People who are native to an area or to the land e.g. Aboriginals and The Cherokee

Queer/LGBTQIAPK+ community: A community of people who do not follow or agree with societal ideas of gender and sexuality.